Iain Dale lashes out at BAN on burning coal 'how are you going to heat your house!?'

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The Jeremy Vine panel was discussing the news that homeowners will be banned from using the most polluting fuels on their open fires, wood burners and stoves. Iain Dale lashed out the Government’s decision to implement the ban. He argued that some people may not have an alternative option to heat their homes. 

Mr Dale said: “I don’t like this automatic assumption that we have to ban everything.

“I think the Government’s role is that if they want to change things they should be providing incentives to people, more carrot less stick.

“If you live in a pretty poor area, I live on the north Norfolk coast and people think of that as a pretty ideal place but actually there are lots of villages and towns that are pretty poor.

“There are a lot of houses that don’t have central heating so open fires and wood burners, how are you going to heat your house if you don’t do that?

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Iain Dale lashes out at BAN on burning coal 'how are you going to heat your house!?'

Iain Dale unleashed a scathing attack on the Government’s latest environmental initiative (Image: Channel 5)

Iain Dale lashes out at BAN on burning coal 'how are you going to heat your house!?'

The Jeremy Vine panel (Image: Channel 5)

“Yes there are these alternatives but I have to say I didn’t know the difference between wet and dry wood.”

Sales of house coal and wet wood will be phased out in England from 2021.

The plan is expected to affect an estimated 2.5 million homes.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said: “Cosy open fires and wood-burning stoves are at the heart of many homes up and down the country.

“But the use of certain fuels means that they are also the biggest source of the most harmful pollutant that is affecting people in the UK.

“By moving towards the use of cleaner fuels such as dry wood we can all play a part in improving the health of millions of people.”

He added: “This is the latest step in delivering on the challenge we set ourselves in our world-leading clean air strategy.

“We will continue to be ambitious and innovative in tackling air pollution from all sources as we work towards our goal to halve the harm to human health from air pollution by 2030.”

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Iain Dale lashes out at BAN on burning coal 'how are you going to heat your house!?'

Earth heating chart (Image: Express)

Under the major changes, the sales of bagged traditional house coal will be phased out by February 2021, with the sale of loose coal direct to customers ending by 2023.

In terms of wet wood, sales of units less than 2m3 will begin to be phased out from February 21.

The latest move comes after the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the ban on sales of new petrol, diesel or hybrid cars could begin ahead of schedule in 2032.

The Government has already announced the date has been brought forward from 2040 to 2035.

The scheme forms part of the UK ambitious target to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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