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Iain Dale shuts down Ranvir Singh in Cummings row: 'You need to get this right!' 

During today’s GMB, the show brought up 99 Tory MPs have hit back and questioned why Cummings hasn’t been sacked. 

Dale was critical of Johnson’s intervention during yesterday’s daily coronavirus briefing which saw him stop scientific advisor Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance from answering questions about Cummings. 

[Cummings scandal] has been kept going by the journalists who keep asking questions about it. That is the role of journalists to ask questions beyond reasonable doubt,” Dale told the programme. 

“But they knew full well that those two civil servants could not say a word about political controversy and then they feigned surprise and horror when Boris Johnson said, ‘Look, these guys are civil servants, they can’t get involved in political controversy.’

“And they confirmed that themselves when they did actually say something.”

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