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In place of EGX Rezzed, we'll be taking part in Rezzed Digital over the next three days

A celebration of indie games and the gaming community.

It’s a little sad to think we could all have been setting off for EGX Rezzed tomorrow. It’s the chillest gaming show in the calendar, and wouldn’t the airy venue at Tobacco Dock be perfect in this weather?

But EGX Rezzed has, of course, been postponed due to the coronavirus. (The current dates for the show are 2nd to 4th July, still at Tobacco Dock in London, and of course depending on the situation at the time.) In its place, we thought we would get together with some of the other sites and channels in our network, plus a few friends, to host an online celebration of gaming we can all take part in from home.

Rezzed Digital will take over www.rezzed.com from 10am tomorrow, Thursday 26th March, gathering together content from Eurogamer and all the other sites and channels. You’ll also find a prominent link to it at the top of the Eurogamer homepage.

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For our part, we’ve invited indie developers who had planned to exhibit at the show to send us game builds to try, and we’ll be writing about some of these on the site. We’ll also be hosting our traditional, annual panel on how to get into games journalism – only in the form of a streamed video conference this time. If you want to see what the inside of Wes’ house looks like, this is your chance.

The Eurogamer video team will be representing, too, with game streams and a live community ‘happy hour’ on Saturday evening in a virtual tavern that Ian has spent far too much of this week mocking up.

Our friends at Rock Paper Shotgun will also be writing up indie games and streaming panels (including “The complete and true history of Jason Statham in video games,” it says here); Outside Xbox and Xtra will premiere their latest Oxventure D&D episode; Jesse Cox will be streaming indie games on Friday and Saturday; Dicebreaker will be hosting a live tabletop let’s play; and GamesIndustry.biz will be hosting some online Career Fair talks.

“We very much hope you can take a break from playing Animal Crossing and join us over the next few days from the safety of your homes as we celebrate indie gaming and games over the weekend that would have been Rezzed,” said the events team, and I can’t improve on that sentiment.

Check rezzed.com for the full schedule tomorrow. Join us! And stay safe.

EGX Rezzed is owned and operated by Eurogamer’s parent company, ReedPop.

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