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India v China: Modi deploys 35,000 troops to China border as tensions erupt

Last month, 25 Indian soldiers and a number of Chinese troops were killed during a brutal fight that erupted in the Galwan Valley in the mountains where India’s Ladakh region

Since then, both sides have rushed thousands of troops, guns and tanks to the region.

B K Sharma, the director of Delhi-based think-tank The United Service Institution of India and retired major general, told the Times of India: “The nature of the Line of control, at least in Ladakh, has changed forever.

“Additional troops rushed by either side will not move back, unless there is a rapprochement at the highest political level.”



The violent battles between the two sides at the contested border appeared to have come to a sudden halt.

Following several rounds of high level military talks, China claimed troops were disengaging in most locations.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wang Wenbin said during a press briefing on Tuesday: “Currently the two sides are actively preparing for the fifth round of commander-level talks to resolve outstanding issues on the ground.

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“We hope the Indian side will work towards the same goal with China, implement the two sides’ consensus and jointly uphold peace and tranquility along the border.”

India has deployed 35,000 troops to China border as tensions erupt (Image: GETTY)

The huge deployment of additional troops comes as the Indian army attempts to protect a number of other borders.

This includes the 460 mile disputed border with Pakistan, to counter insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir and north eastern states, as well as monitoring the ingress point along its border with China.

Laxman Kumar Behera, a senior research fellow at the Delhi-based think tank Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, warned strengthening the defence along the contested border could come at a huge cost.

India is the world’s third biggest military spender, but around 60 percent of its defence budget goes towards paying for the country’s 1.3 million soldiers.

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Chinese and Indian soldiers have been facing off against each other at the contested border (Image: GETTY)

The remaining budget is spent on past purchases, meaning troops could be left with obsolete equipment and a lack of ammunition.

Laxman Kumar Behera told the Times of India: “The additional commitment in Ladakh would put further pressure on serviceability, research and development and capital expenditure as revenue costs rise.

“It will be painful if the defence budget isn’t increased.”

Last month’s violence saw soldiers brutally fight each other with nail-studded clubs and stones at the border on the western Himalayas.

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India is fighting back in the battle in the border with China (Image: REUTERS)

Narendra Modi issued a warning to China following last month’s violent battle (Image: GETTY)

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the intensifying conflict on national television and insisted: “We never provoke anyone.”

But he warned: “There should be no doubt that India wants peace, but if provoked, India will provide an appropriate response.”

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at the time he was unaware of any Chinese casualties, but Indian media quoted officials as saying at least 45 people were dead or injured on the Chinese side.

Indian officials claimed their soldiers were battered with clubs studded with nails and stones during a brutal fight that erupted in the Galwan Valley in the mountains where India’s Ladakh region borders the Aksai Chin region, which was captured by China during the 1962 war.

China and India’s military power compared (Image: EXPRESS)

China and India have faced-off at this border for several decades, but this violence was the bloodiest since 1967.

India has accused China of trespassing into its side of the Line of Actual Control – the de facto border.

But China has furiously refuted this allegation, and warned India not to build roads in the area, claiming these enter its territory.

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