'Inflated' Guy Verhofstadt blasted by young Brexiteer in staunch response to Brexit threat

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Speaking to Express.co.uk, the Brexit Party supporter and staunch follower of Nigel Farage claimed she does not feel her voice and that of those who voted for Brexit is yet to be heard by Brussels’ leaders. She claimed the only representatives of British Brexiteers in the EU institutions are “powerless” MEPs elected by the public but handcuffed on any decision-making capability such as proposing legislation or holding the Commission to account. 

She said: “The European Parliament is actually one of the most powerless parliament in the world.

“It’s an institution that actually has no power and doesn’t even propose legislation.

“It doesn’t provide any checks on the Commission which is the executive body of the European Union.

“So I don’t feel as our voices are being heard at all in Brussels.”

The young Brexiteer also hit back at Guy Verhofstadt’s threat to derail the Brexit date by urging MEPs to vote against Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. 

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Brexit news: Alice Grant claims the European Parliament is the most ‘powerless’ institution (Image: EXPRESS•GETTY)

Brexit fury: US spies 'secretly financed' EU project behind Britain's back

Guy Verhofstadt urges Boris Johnson to give EU citizens full rights before Brexit deadline (Image: EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT)

She said: “Verhofstadt’s threats seem aggressive and completely out of touch with the mood in Britain for a swift exit from the EU, as overwhelmingly expressed in the general election.

“He sounds like someone who is in denial of the will of the British people and of the democratic powers we have endowed our Prime Minister with.

“Verhofstadt is in no position to start demanding or imposing his will on our elected Prime minister or to threaten our exit from the EU if his demands are not met.

“It’s partly because of inflated, entitled bureaucrats like him that we voted to leave in the first place!”

MEPs held a plenary session last week in which Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt threatened Boris Johnson with denying the UK its Brexit January 31 deadline and urged MEPs to vote against the withdrawal agreement unless the Prime Minister gives EU citizens full rights to remain in the UK.

The Belgian politician claimed Strasbourg’s “consent”, necessary for the first stage of Brexit to be completed, will not be as straightforward as people think.

Mr Verhofstadt urged his MEP colleagues to deny such consent to the British Parliament when the time will come to rectify Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement unless the Prime Minister gives legal assurances to EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in the continent that their rights will remain unchanged. 

He blasted: “There is a consent to be given by this Parliament and I know that everybody says that this consent will be automatically because it’s like that.

“We have foreseen that the consent procedure will end in plenary on the 29th of January but in the meanwhile, there is a problem to be solved.

“I have received since the election in Britain hundreds and hundreds of letters and emails of British citizens living in Europe, panicking about their status.

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“I have received hundreds of mails of EU citizens living in Britain, panicking about their status.

“And I think we need to solve that first before we give our consent on this Brexit treaty.

“Never citizens, British or European, can be the victim of this – in my opinion – not very intelligent choice of Brexit.

“And I want to do an appeal to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to be generous in his victory and to give all the European citizens and the British citizens alike living on the continent the full rights as they have today.

“Automatically, to all of them, no ifs no buts, as he always says.”

Mr Johnson’s thumping 80-seat majority in the House of Commons means the revamped EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill is set to speed through Parliament without significant opposition.

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