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Inside William's relationship with his boys George and Louis: 'Counting up Daddy points'

Prince William news: Relationship with George and Louis analysed by expert (Image: INSTAGRAM/DUKEANDDUCHESSOFKENSINGTON)

His position within the Royal Family means his children will be high ranking members of the family too. His son, Prince George, seven, is third-in-line to the throne. His daughter Princess Charlotte, five, is fourth, and Prince Louis, two, is sixth.



Prince William news: Prince William could be seen playing with his sons in latest snaps (Image: INSTAGRAM/DUKEANDDUCHESSOFKENSINGTON)

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What did a body language expert make of Prince William’s day with his family, in particular his interactions with his sons?

Judi told Express.co.uk: “It’s hard to tell who is the most excited and happy here: George, who is utterly absorbed in the extinct shark’s tooth that Attenborough has just given him and who’s close eye-scrutiny and wide, open-mouthed smile suggests he is already thinking how cool it will be to take it to school to impress all his friends.”

Judi pointed out Louis “whose eye-gaze suggests the same sense of wonder at the gift, but whose joined hands suggest he is politely waiting his turn to examine it.”

Prince William is thrilled the premise of his son’ enjoying the day, the expert explains.

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She claims the prince is feeling “total glee”, although he is managing to hide it well.

Judi said: “I think George’s expression of shy but intense delight wins it, but it’s pretty closely matched by William’s face here.

“The prince’s crinkled eye-smile and open mouth with less of the suppression signals at the corners than usual reveals total glee here, suggesting that not only is he in the same Attenborough super-fan league as the rest of his family, but that he’s also silently counting up the Daddy points he will have accrued by arranging this surprise visit by Attenborough for the children.”

The expert claimed Kate Middleton and William’s body language at recent outings indicated an “intense” relationship.

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Prince William news: The whole family met Sir David Attenborough at a private screening (Image: INSTAGRAM/DUKEANDDUCHESSOFKENSINGTON)

“Kate looks authentically happy and even healthy,” Judi told Express.co.uk.

“She is laughing in what appears to be delight and often sharing moments of affection and humour with William that suggest a relaxed friendship and affection.”

She added: “Kate’s confidence signals have grown since the birth of Louis.

“Now she appears to be slightly in the lead, taking cheers from crowds in her own right.”

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Prince William news: The Royal Family tree (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

Kate Middleton made a nod to her children with a gorgeous necklace. 

Kate’s piece has the letters G, C, and L, representing her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – just like her new necklace.

Kate wore a necklace from UK company All the Falling Stars.

Kate was given the jewellery by a woman in Ireland who she met during their tour their in March.

Source:Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed

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