Home Tech Instagram link: How to add a link to an Instagram story

Instagram link: How to add a link to an Instagram story

Instagram surged to the headlines yesterday during #BlackoutTuesday when millions of people posted black squares in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. The process sought to continue to light the spark of activism through the international community, and as other people take up the cause via the internet and their phones, they may need direction on how to do so.



How to add a link to an Instagram stories

Instagram stories operate almost as disposable posts which pass with a flicker, giving people limited time to view content.

While short-lived, they allow people to share a series of posts, which collect useful links.

Thankfully for those just getting to grips with the platform, adding a link to a story is a simple process.

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Instagram link: How to add a link to an Instagram story (Image: GETTY)

Instagram link: Instagram stories can be useful for sharing a quick selection of pictures and links (Image: GETTY)

  1. Click on the Instagram Stories icon in the top left corner of the homepage
  2. Personalise the post with text, stickers or a filter
  3. Click on the insert link icon (which looks like a section of chain)
  4. Choose the URL or video you want to add in

Instagram link: The #BlackoutTuesday hashtag spread over Instagram yesterday (Image: INSTAGRAM)

Some people can add in a “swipe-up” link to their story, but they need to earn it.

The swipe-up link is exclusive to verified users or those with 10,000 followers on the platform.

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Swipe up exists mostly as a marketing tool and an effective one at that.

Companies use the feature to increase traffic output on their sites, and people spend roughly 10 minutes more time on site due to stories.

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Instagram link: Using social media can help fill the gap while physical protests remain difficult (Image: GETTY)

How to use Instagram for activism

With the pandemic yet to exit the global stage, some people have taken to campaigning and protesting online.

Those who can’t make their way to protests or events around the world can use Instagram and other apps as effective ways to spread information and support.

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The latest example was the #BlackoutTuesday movement, which saw people post black squares to their accounts in solidarity with protesters.

Activists have urged people to use their accounts to share useful resources and websites.

Giving protesters a platform by forwarding on their content, adding links to other websites such as donation or campaign pages.

The Black Visions Collective, Emergency Release Fund and National Police Accountability Project number a few of the scores of dedicated websites vital to the cause.

People can also follow accounts from black activists and artists and ensure they spread their work on.

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