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iOS 14 launches this month: 5 awesome iPhone features Apple didn't tell you about

Apple will launch the first public beta of iOS 14 this month. Unless you’re employed by Apple or a paying member of the developer community, this likely marks the first time that you’ll be able to test out the new features coming to the new iPhone operating system. Apple unveiled a first look at iOS 14 during its annual developer conference, known as WWDC, which was broadcast entirely online due to the public health crisis.

But the public beta is when anyone can get their hands on the latest features, which includes the ability to drop widgets in amongst the grid of app icons on your homescreen and redesigns the incoming call interface so that it doesn’t take over the entire touchscreen.

Since this is a beta, there’s a distinct possibility that not everything will work quite as planned. Apps that you rely on each day might not work as expected when running on iOS 14. Reporting any issues which you stumble across while running the beta versions of iOS 14 should allow Apple enough time to get everything running smoothly ready for when the new version of iOS rolls out worldwide sometime “this fall”.

It’s not recommended to install a beta version of any operating system on your main device. But if you have an older iPhone in the back of a drawer somewhere, it might be fun to test out iOS 14 months before its official launch.

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While Apple demonstrated a slew of exciting new features coming to your iPhone with iOS 14, they didn’t get a chance to talk about everything. And in our opinion, there were some pretty colossal omissions.

Here are 7 more awesome features Apple didn’t tell you were coming to your iPhone in iOS 14 ~

1/ Hidden iOS 14 Feature: Back Tap

This is a nifty new addition that lets you use tapping on the back of the smartphone as a way to trigger specific actions. So, tapping twice on the rear case could launch the flashlight, or call a specific contact. You can use a double- and triple-tap to launch different features.

And best of all, you can even use the tapping on your iPhone case to launch a Siri Shortcut, which means you’ll be able to do anything you want – from triggering the Google Assistant, opening the camera in Portrait Mode, or navigating to a certain webpage. It’s a powerful tool.

2/ Hidden iOS 14 Feature: Default Web Browser

With iOS 14, Apple will finally allow users to change the default web browser on their smartphone. Yes, after thirteen major overhauls to its smartphone operating system, Apple will allow iPhone owners to choose whether web links should open in Safari or another option, like Chrome, by default. Until now, iPhone users would have to manually copy-and-paste links they found in emails or text messages to get them to launch in a new tab in the Chrome browser.

And the web browser isn’t the only dramatic change available in iOS 14. iPhone users will now be able to change the default email app from Apple’s own “Mail” to Gmail, Outlook, or any number of others. So, tapping on an email address will load up your specified app – another instance of awkward copy-pasting that’ll no longer haunt iPhone owners.

3/ Hidden iOS 14 Feature: Translation In Safari

Apple confirmed this feature was coming to macOS Big Sur, but never thought to mention that iOS users will also see the benefit. Safari in iOS 14 will be able to automatically translate web pages to your mother-tongue. Tapping an icon will immediately change the language of all text on the webpage. At launch, translation will be a little limited.

Apple says its browser will be able to translate pages that are in Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian or Brazilian Portuguese.

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