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iPhone 12 price may not be as steep as you think thanks to this major change

That is quite a significant mark-up, but Apple will allegedly make one big change that will help offset this.

The US tech firm will reportedly change the battery board in the iPhone 12 to one that is around half as cheap as the component seen in the iPhone 11.

This major design change should help absorb some of the costs of the extra 5G components, which hopefully will have an impact on the price the end user pays.

Apple is also rumoured to be ditching the bundled-in earbuds and chargers included with previous iPhones, which could help cut costs further.

The news comes after last month Techradar reported that the iPhone 12 could boast smaller batteries compared to the iPhone 11 line-up.

Certifications for three new Apple batteries were reportedly spotted which are likely to be for the next range of iPhone handsets. The battery sizes in question are 2,227mAh, 2,775mAh and 3,687mAh.

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