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Iran threat: Tehran to launch ‘victory’ observation satellite which US links to missiles

The satellite, called Zafar which means ‘victory’ in Farsi, will be launched by a rocket. Iran has insisted that the satellite is for the “peaceful use of outer space”. It has been completed following three years of work.

Morteza Barari, head of the country’s national space agency, said: “All our activities in the domain of outer space are transparent”.

It will make 15 orbits each day as it collects images to help with the study of natural disasters and agriculture.

Iranian Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi tweeted on Monday: “We are not afraid of failure and we will not lose hope.

“With your prayers and trust in God, the Zafar satellite by the end of this week…will be heading toward an orbit of 530 km from Earth.”

Iran’s national space agency has said that work on the satellite “began three years ago with the participation of 80 Iranian scientists”.

According to Morteza Barari, head of Iran’s space agency, the satellite is designed to be operational for more than 18-months.

Iran had two failed satellite launches last year.

The US is concerned that this ballistic technology which is used to put satellites into orbit could be used to launch warheads.

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”With the cooperation of this country, we are aiming to send a scientist-astronaut instead of a space tourist.

“Our goal is to participate in international projects; that is, to have an Iranian scientist present in the Earth’s orbit or a space station to take part in international research projects.”

Donald Trump reimposed sanctions on Iran following Washington’s 2018 withdrawal from an international accord designed to put curbs on Iran’s nuclear program.

Tensions have reached soaring levels between Iran and the United States after top Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani was killed in a drone strike in Baghdad.

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