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Is the UK heading for coronavirus baby boom as Britons predict generation of 'Coronials'?

A number of voices have claimed the the world is in for a baby boom in about nine months times. Star of American Dragon’s Den style programme Shark Tank, Judge Daymond John, has predicted a baby boom due to the virus.

He said told People: “People gonna be home, gonna have some extra time on their hands.

“A little bored, maybe, or in love. And nine months after everything is over, we’re gonna have a whole lot of babies.”

Another person to put their voice to the claim is rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

The theory is taking hold on social media, with #Coronials – the name being given to those born in this predicted baby boom, trending on Twitter.

But, is there any real scientific evidence to back up these spurious claims?

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However, this was only of 10 percent, and it is not the rule when it comes to events that cause people to become housebound.

A pandemic is far different to a hurricane however, and the thought of passing germs around might put some of the idea of coitus.

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While guidelines don’t prohibit couples from sleeping together while self-isolating, if either one seems ill their spouse should sleep elsewhere and not share any bedding.

In fact, the coronavirus has actually caused divorce rates to spike in China – which does not indicate an uptick in lovemaking across the nation as might have been expected.

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