Isaiah Thomas gets hate from 'The Last Dance' viewers who think he's Isiah Thomas

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Isaiah Thomas gets hate from 'The Last Dance' viewers who think he's Isiah Thomas 1

One of the more memorable moments from Episode 4 of “The Last Dance” is when former Pistons star Isiah Thomas explains why he didn’t shake hands with the Bulls following their Eastern Conference Finals loss in 1991.

After struggling to get past Detroit in the playoffs, the Bulls made easy work of the Pistons, winning in a 4-0 sweep. But after the fourth game, Pistons players simply walked off the court rather than shaking hands with their opponents in an act of sportsmanship.

“As we’re coming out of the game, (Bill( Laimbeer said, ‘We’re not shaking their hands. This is how we’re leaving,'” Thomas said. “Knowing what we know now, in the aftermath of what took place, I think all of us would have stopped and said, ‘Congratulations’ like they do now. … I mean we would have did it, of course we would have done it. But during that period of time, that’s just not how it was passed. When you lost, you left the floor.”

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The producers of the documentary showed Thomas’ answer to Michael Jordan, who had a fantastic reaction.

“I know it’s all bulls—,” Jordan said. “Whatever he says now, you know it wasn’t his true actions then.”

With so much focus on Thomas, viewers were quick to respond on social media to harass the former NBA star. The only problem: There’s another famous NBA player who goes by the same name — almost. Isaiah Thomas is a current player who often gets confused with Isiah Thomas, and you can probably figure out why.

The latest episodes of “The Last Dance” opened the floodgates for people to mistakenly target Isaiah Thomas.

The current Thomas had some fun with people mistaking him with the former Thomas by posting pictures of the two of them together.

Thankfully for Isaiah Thomas, the Pistons aren’t likely to be featured much more in “The Last Dance,” so he won’t have to deal with confused viewers much longer.

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