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ISS cameras capture fast-moving object ‘with antennae’ hurtling past astronauts

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Incredible footage from the ISS showing a fast-moving object flashing in space has sparked a wave of conspiracy theories.

YouTube conspiracist Mr MBB333 shared the clip, which was taken on April 6, to his fans and claimed it showed a high-speed craft “with antennae” moving behind the space station.

Two Russian cosmonauts are seen carrying out their spacewalks outside the ISS when a bright object flies past in the background.

The UFO takes off at a high rate of speed and flashes past within seconds while the experts are working on a piece of equipment.

Mr MBB333 analyses the clip and edits it in slower speed to give a clearer picture of the unidentified object.

A glowing object was caught on ISS camera thrusting away from Earth when two cosmonauts were working in space

He says: “Take several looks at it from a slower perspective and as close as I can get, you are going to see what it looks like antennae or something coming off from the bottom of this thing.

“Just an incredible capture here, did you see that?”

He then pauses the footage and zooms in on the bright, round object.

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Moving the cursor around it, he adds: “There’s something coming off at the bottom and the left-hand side.

The user said the UFO has 'antennae-like legs' coming off from the bottom of the craft
The user said the UFO has ‘antennae-like legs’ coming off from the bottom of the craft

“There it looks like legs coming off. It’s difficult to tell what was going on there but you can definitely see there is a physical object in the field of view.”

The clip, which has been viewed more than 35,000 times, received hundreds of comments from other UFO enthusiasts.

One fan believed the UFO might belong to extraterrestrials and wrote: “The speeding object with the antenna things looks to be spinning clockwise.

“You can see the ‘legs’ of this thing going from underneath the object around to the top. Hmm … Not ours I would say.”

UFOs, Aliens and Outer Space

Another said: “Probably smaller ships hooked onto a mothership.”

Some claimed the object is simply another satellite, or even the reflection of the ISS.

“That high-speed craft spotted above the Earth from the ISS may be a satellite,” one commented.

A second said: “The April shot was on our craft looping back out, the appearance of antennae are from the lighting refracting and would appear as bent around the midsection perpendicular to the actual outward path.”

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Source:Daily Star – Weird News

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