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‘It is all BS’: New York Times columnist rips Mike Bloomberg’s ‘insulting’ defense of racist policing

Prominent New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow continued to blast former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his “stop and frisk” policies on Saturday.

“I raised two boys in NY during Bloomberg’s reign of terror on black and brien boys and men. They were being hunted,” Blow explained on Thursday. “This is a moral issue for me.”

That came one day after The Times published a column by Blow titled, “The Notorious Michael R. Bloomberg.”

“Let’s state some facts: Michael Rubens Bloomberg notoriously expanded stop-and-frisk in New York City to obscene proportions, violating the bodies and constitutional rights of mostly minority men and boys, and not only defended the policy, but mocked his detractors and bragged about it,” he wrote.

“What Bloomberg did as mayor amounted to a police occupation of minority neighborhoods, a terroristic pressure campaign, with little evidence that it was accomplishing the goal of sustained, long-term crime reduction,” he argued. “These minority boys were being hunted. Their neighborhoods were experiencing an occupation. Citizens wanted crime abatement, but they didn’t expect apartheid.”

On Saturday — the same day an entire book of “vulgar and degrading” quotes from Bloomberg was published online — Blow continued with a thread on Twitter expanding his thoughts on the subject:


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