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It’s a ‘crock’ for Trump to claim blue collar America is more ‘real’ than New York: conservative columnist

A common theme in pro-Trump circles is that Donald Trump is someone who appeals to “real Americans” — namely working class people in Middle America. But according to Washington Post columnist Max Boot, Trumpism, like all populist movements, “is based on the pernicious conceit that only the strongman speaks for the ‘real’ people and that anyone who opposes him must be an outsider or elitist who isn’t in touch with the common folk.”


“Rather than trying to help his constituents get ahead in a changing economy, Trump prefers to stoke their fury against the minorities, immigrants and ‘globalists’ he blames for their woes,” Boot writes, adding that whenever Trump denigrates blue America, his supporters applaud. But at the same time, red America is aware that they are being left behind.

“Trump taps into that dissatisfaction, but it’s a crock to claim that the shrinking part of the country that he represents — white, rural and blue collar — is somehow more ‘real’ than, say, the bustling city where he was born,” Boot writes.

In the wake of New York state filing a lawsuit against the Trump administration, forcing him to settle for $ 2 million, and then filing another lawsuit to force him to reveal his financial records, “Trump made explicit that he wants an unethical quid pro quo in return for allowing New Yorkers back into Trusted Traveler — ‘New York must stop all of its unnecessary lawsuits & harassment,’” writes Boot, who contends it’s just another example of Trump abusing his authority, “just as he did with Ukraine, but he gets away with it because his followers think he’s championing their interests rather than his own.”

Read the full piece over at the Washington Post.


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