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'It's about Brexit!' Ed Miliband accused of treating constituents as if they were 'stupid'

'It's about Brexit!' Ed Miliband accused of treating constituents as if they were 'stupid' 1

Emily Thornberry, one of the MPs tipped to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, has been accused of calling Leave-sympathising Labour voters “stupid”. The MP for Islington South is alleged to have to told an MP in a Leave-voting seat: “I am glad my constituents are not as stupid as yours.” The claim was made by defeated Don Valley Labour MP Caroline Flint and added fuel to the fire of a growing row within the party over who is to blame for Thursday’s catastrophic election defeat.

Ms Thornberry vehemently denied Ms Flint’s claims and said she had consulted her lawyers.

She told Sky News: “I’ve contacted her and I’ve said to her: please withdraw, I’ll give you until the end of the day. And she hasn’t. So I’ve had to go to solicitors.

“People can slag me off as long as it’s true, I can take it on the chin. But they can’t make up s*** about me – and if they do, I have to take it to the courts.”

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She added: “It’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. I have better things to think about than people going on television and making up s***. I have no idea what’s in her head. All I can tell you is that you can’t go on national television and make up s*** and not expect to be taken to the courts, and that’s what I’m afraid I’m having to do.”

Since Labour’s Brexit plan moved to a second referendum position, many left-wing supporters who voted to leave started feeling alienated from Mr Corbyn’s party.

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband, for example, had a majority of 33.1 percent in 2017, but 71.7 percent of his constituents in Doncaster North voted to leave in 2016.

On Thursday, Mr Miliband retained his seat – but his majority fell from a whopping 14,000 to just 2,300.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Brexit Party candidate for Doncaster North Andrew Stewart, claimed many people in Doncaster felt betrayed, as the left-winger treated them as if they were “stupid”.

Mr Stewart said: “He does campaign. He goes out and pulls a few pints at the local pub.

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