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ITV GMB panel in stitches as Piers Morgan mocks ex-Speaker John Bercow in brutal moment

The former Speaker of the House of Commons went viral last month after he shouted ‘Order’ for an Italian audience on popular talk show Che Tempo Che Fa. Piers Morgan labelled the moment “embarrassing” as he asked Sir Lindsay if he fears becoming like Mr Bercow. Following the clip, the panel was in hysterics as they recounted sightings of ex-Speaker.

Speaking on ITV GMB, Mr Morgan said: “You are unique in that people seem to like you in the House of Commons.

“John Bercow was really divisive. You either loved him or you hated him. Do you worry in your darkest moments that you will end unlike John Bercow on Italian TV doing this?”

He went on to show the clip of Mr Bercow shouting ‘Order’ on Italian TV.

Mr Morgan continued: “Things got even more embarrassing because he ended up on a bus in south London doing the same thing for the people on the bus.

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“Is that your darkest fear that you will end up shouting order for public consumption around the world?”

Sir Lindsay replied: “It shows the life after being Speaker of the House of Commons.

“It proves that you still want it.”

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Susanna Reid added: “We know a lot about John Bercow, he sort of became a personality in this own right.”

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