ITV's Tom Bradby lashes out at public SPITTING at paramedics – 'What's wrong with people?'

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ITV's Tom Bradby lashes out at public SPITTING at paramedics - 'What's wrong with people?' 1

On the show, the Director of Public Prosecutions had revealed emergency workers have been facing daily coronavirus related attacks. This includes some people even spitting and couging in the faces of NHS staff and paramedics.

Max Hill QC said there have been dozens of reports of the coronavirus being weaponized every day since lockdown begun.

He said there has been a rising number of reports of police, NHS and other frontline workers being attacked by members of the public.

This inncludes workers being deliberately coughed at and verbally attacked during the global pandemic.

Coronavirus related crimes, where Covid-19 is used to threaten emergency and essential workers, is a worrying trend, with police now having to use spit guards to protect themselves.

ITV News spoke to Amy Hall, 28, who described popping out between shifts to buy her mum flowers for mother’s day, only to be spat at in a car park.

She said her attacker called her a “virus spreader”.

After the news was reported on ITV news at 10, Mr Bradby could barely contain his rage at the situation.

At the end of the report he hit out at the purpertrators of the abuse, saying: “See what I mean? What is wrong with people?”.

Other members of the public were quick to agree with the presenter.

One user shared the clip of the presenter, tweeting: “Couldn’t agree more with you @tombradby after watching that report about Police and NHS workers being abused daily…”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only horrifying incident of members of the public attacking NHS workers in this manner.

There have been reports of two nurses working in critical care at the Inverclyde Royal Hospital, Scotland having their cars damaged.

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Despite overall crime being down during the lockdown, the number of assaults against emergency and essential workers is up at the same level as it was before the lockdown began.

Since fewer people are out on the streets now, the DPP said this level is concerning.

Attacks on essential workers are not new, but it appears the coronavirus outbreak has worsened the problem.

Max Hill QC told ITV News: “Throughout the last year, 2019, we were prosecuting 50 assaults on emergency workers per day.

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