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James Bond odds: Could THIS Game of Thrones star become first female 007?

The role of James Bond will not be given to a woman after Daniel Craig, it’s been announced. This has been spoken about by a range of people involved in the franchise, including Barbara Broccoli herself. However, one female star has risen in the odds which is leaving many fans in shock at what could come.



James Bond is a real man’s man, using his brains and braun to beat the baddies and woo the ladies.

However, there have been reports a woman could take on the mantle after Daniel Craig as 007.

While these ideas have been denied by various people involved in the franchise, one person’s name has crept up in the odds and looks like they could genuinely make a female Agenct 007 a possibility.

The female actress if Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke.

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Could THIS Game of Thrones star become first female 007? (Image: Eon/Getty)

According to Ladbrokes, Clarke, AKA Daenerys in Game of Thrones, has become the most likely woman to take on the mantle, with her chances currently sitting at 33/1.

This is higher than some big names, such as The Gentlemen stars Henry Golding and Charlie Hunnam, former favourite Dan Stevens, and Ben Barnes, known for his role in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

And, compared to megastars Will Smith and Colin Farrell, she is far more likely in the odds, with their chances sitting at 100/1, which David Beckham’s chances are at 250/1.

Clarke is even sitting prettier than Christian Bale, Harry Styles, Orlando Bloom and James McAvoy, with even Ryan Gosling seeming a less likely choice in the odds than the Game of Thrones star.

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Sean Connery in From Russia With Love (Image: Eon)

Since the HBO series ended, Clarke has done a huge number of films, with movies such as Last Christmas wowing fans.

She has also been in movies such as Me Before You, The Garden of Last Days and Solo: A Star Wars Story while filming the Game of Thrones series.

Clarke is expected to appear in historical drama The Guns of August, as well as romcom The Beauty Inside and historical biopic Let Me Count the Ways, where she will play English post Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Despite her having greater chances than previously, another woman is sitting at 20/1 odds according to Paddy Power and Betfair – Megan Fox.

The Transformers star would certainly maintain the seductive element to Bond, and has been known to play action roles in the past.

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Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye (Image: Eon)

Despite her presence in the running, there are far more men who seem the most likely to take the role.

The top four stars, according to aggregated odds across a number of bookmakers, are James Norton, Tom Hiddleston, Sam Heughan and Jack Lowden.

Norton is know for his period drama roles in shows such as War and Peace and McMafia.

Hiddleston has played a huge number of roles, with Loki in Thor being his most famous, which is to continue in his upcoming TV show Loki.

Meanwhile Heughan and Lowden are lesser known, with the former playing the lead role in series Outlander, and the latter having high profile roles in movies Dunkirk and Mary Queen of Scots.

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys in Game of Thrones (Image: HBO)

Coming up against them are Scottish hunk Richard Madden, Idris Elba of Luther fame, Michael Fassbender, known for playing a young Magneto and his role in Inglourious Basterds, and Tom Hardy, who has been seen in a huge number of film and TV roles.

Other superheroes are also in the running, with Thor’s Chris Hemsworth, Superman’s Henry Cavill and Doctor Strange’s Benedict Cumberbatch in the running.

But along with Elba, the only non-white faces to be more like than Clarke is that of Dev Patel and Adetomiwa Edun, the latter of whom rose to fame in BBC show Merlin and US series Bates Motel.

It is unlikely any new Bond will be announced until after No Time to Die is released, so fans will just have to wait and see.

No Time to Die is out in cinemas on April 2

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