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James Bond: Why Sean Connery was snubbed and considered 'too lowly' exposed

Sean Connery experienced the cruel sleight of snobbery from a young age. He grew up as part of a poor, working-class family in the tenements of Edinburgh. The future James Bond star would get a job at the age of nine to support his struggling family. From there he would rise to fame as one of the most beloved Bond’s on the big screen – and was even named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ in 1999. But unearthed accounts reveal a life far from his fame today, where Sean was unfairly by those he worked for and made to feel unworthy. 

Sean Connery was “a child of the depression” era, according to biographer Michael Feeney Callan.

In his 1983 book, ‘Sean Connery: The Untouchable Hero’, Mr Callan described the family’s “inability to cope” financially after having two sons.

The young boy from Fountainbridge, Scotland, could allegedly sense that his parents were “fighting for survival” and got a job to help them out.

He worked as a milkman for a local business before going to school and then in the evenings was a butcher’s assistant.

But the future 007 actor would be dealt a crushing blow at the beginning of World War 2 – when he experienced first-hand that people would view him differently for his upbringing.

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