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James Jordan questions 'where has Strictly gone?' in brutal post after Jamie Laing routine


After Jamie and Karen, who have also become known as “Jaren”, performed on the show, James typed: “Where has Strictly gone?”

He soon received some comments from fans, including one who claimed his comment was “pulling the show” apart during a “time of such sadness”.

James then elaborated on what he meant by the seemingly cutthroat remark.

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He continued: “Jamie. Was it brilliant? Yes!!! Was it entertaining? Yes!!!

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Back in 2013, James was dropped from the show, and Ola decided to leave the competition two years later in 2015.

On making a return to the popular show, James told the Daily Mail: “No, not now. I’m too old, too fat and too slow. Let the young ones do it. I like watching them.”

The BBC has been determined to make the show go ahead after social distancing measures were enforced around the globe.

It comes as James spoke on his father’s cancer diagnosis, saying he has an “aggressive cancerous tumour”.

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