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James Jordan's wife Ola says she 'could kill him' after discovery: 'It's blown up!'

James Jordan's wife Ola says she 'could kill him' after discovery: 'It's blown up!' 1

James Jordan found himself on the wrong side of his wife Ola Jordan this morning, and it was all caught on camera. The couple, who wed back in 2003, documented their spat on Instagram on what was a big day for their newborn daughter Ella.

The Dancing On Ice winner, 42, made a rookie mistake and his spouse, 37, was sadly the one to realise what had happened.

Sharing the hilarious clip with her 290,000 followers, the Polish performer called him over to question his move.

“What have you done, James? What you done!?” she said, as he walked over with their daughter in his arms.

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She light-heartedly raged: “You left Coke [Cola] in the freezer, look it’s blown up. What you going to do about it?”

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“Wow…” James replied, trying to speak quietly. “I blame you, Ella. Oh my god. Oh my god! It’s proper blown up,” he said on seeing the damage.

“Yeah it has,” Ola continued. “That’s what happens when you leave it in the freezer. God!

“Why do men act like children sometimes? Honestly, I could kill him right now.”

Thankfully she had a smile on her face after confronting him while he was sat on the sofa.

Ola informed: “So it’s a big day today for baby Ella, she’s having her injections done. I feel so sorry for her already. if she only knew where she was going…

Speaking to the youngster while travelling to the surgery, she said: “Look, we’re going to the doctors. Are you scared?”

James had added beforehand: “Someone’s not very happy today. I think she knows she’s just about to leave home and we’re going to take her for her eight-week injections.

“Only Ola is allowed in and the only benefit to that is that I won’t get to see my baby girl crying. Bless you.”

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