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James Martin hits back after being questioned on 'butter guilt' at This Morning appearance

The Twitter user asked the star about healthy eating concerns after he prepared a quiche on the programme earlier this week while speaking to hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes.

They wrote in reference to James’ recipe for the French savoury tart: “@jamesmartinchef amazing food as always on @thismorning but do you not feel a tinge of guilt for always suggesting food with tons of butter, cream, cheese etc when we all should be being a little more careful with what we eat?”

However, James was quick to insist in response that “cooking good food” has never been problematic.

He wrote back to the fan: “No. Cooking good food for your family every day never caused this look at Europe.”

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Speaking to Jason Plato and Dave Vitty on the Fuelling Around podcast, James got onto the subject of his mum’s reaction when they discussed cars being an “investment”.

Dave told the television personality: “The thing is James, and this perhaps as I say, by your own admission, could be the Yorkshireman in you, is the fact that if you buy the right car, then it’s not like wasting 100 grand or 200 grand.

“Because actually, if you buy the right car and you look after it, these are investments, they’re like works of art, aren’t they?”

However, James explained that although he agreed with Dave’s statement, his mum would have preferred him to get on the property ladder.

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Source Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

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