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James Martin issues support to 5-year-old boy after his money and stock is stolen

Philip wrote: “This is Harry – he is 5 and runs a little honesty shop near to my saleroom.

“Someone has stolen his money and his stock.

“They will probably be too ashamed to return either but if they get to read this I hope it costs them a few nights sleep.”

James Martin, alongside other chefs in the public eye, have sent their support to Harry on Twitter.

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“She’s very grateful and if she wants to take this further either she or I will post on here. Thank you all once again.”

James recently opened up about his own experience with thieves in a recent interview with Prima Magazine.

He explained: “The other day, I was standing in a queue at a cashpoint in Oxford Street when, all of a sudden, someone pushed an elderly man out of the way and went to grab his money from the machine.

“I managed to grab the culprit and the police were called.

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“People say, ‘You can’t do that because of who you are.’ Well b*****ks to that!”

Back in 2018, the chef also took to Twitter in a bid to catch two criminals, who mugged an elderly lady.

He wrote: “Don’t normally do this but this is aimed at the vile 2 20yr olds who one of my team witnessed mugging a poor old lady in Sheffield town centre today.

“You took her purse for £40 & a medal she treasured.

“Please all look out for this to help her or if you saw it report to the police.”

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