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James Martin: 'My eyesight is starting to go' Saturday Morning chef addresses change

James Martin: 'My eyesight is starting to go' Saturday Morning chef addresses change 1

James Martin, 47, opened up about his weight as the chef admitted the “worst thing you can do is Google yourself”. The Saturday Morning host addressed his health as he confessed he was surprised by what he saw on his television screen.

James spoke about his appearance in a candid interview in the May issue of Prima magazine.

The star revealed he tries to not pay attention to comments about his weight but admitted his eyesight is not quite what it used to be.

The star divulged: “I’ve read all sorts of rubbish about my weight – the worst thing you can do is google yourself – but I try not to get caught up with the way I look.

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“I don’t look at pictures of myself and I try not to watch myself back on TV, either.”

However, James revealed he recently purchased a bigger television for his bedroom due to his eyesight.

But was stunned to see how different his appearance looked on his enlarged screen.

He added: “Though I did get a bit of shock recently. My eyesight is starting to go, so I bought a bigger TV for my bedroom, 85 inches big, and I accidentally caught myself on my Saturday Morning show.

“I looked at myself and thought, ‘Jesus, I look massive! Oh… I am massive!’”

James has been fronting his lifestyle show Saturday Morning from his home since 2017.

He had previously presented BBC’s Saturday Kitchen for 10 years before his departure.

The small-screen star admitted he feels “healthier” while working from home.

He told the publication: “I’m healthier, both mentally and physically.

“I might be busier than ever, but now I can have time with my dogs, time at home, where we record James Martin’s Saturday Morning, and I can decide what to do and when.”

James added: “That puts you in a much better place in your head, and in life. In many ways, it feels like I’ve got my life back.”

Meanwhile, the ITV favourite shared some exciting news last week, as he announced a new series.

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His latest programme James Martin’s Islands to Highlands aired this week on ITV.


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