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James Martin: 'Think I've lost it' Saturday Morning host baffles fans with 5am update

Saturday Morning host James Martin, 47, tends to keep his fans updated with his culinary creations and filming commitments. And today the TV chef took to Instagram to share his latest cooking delight as he admitted he had been up since 5am baking a cake.



In view of his 381,000 followers, James shared a photo of the sponge cake fresh out of the oven.

He captioned the post: “Morning, think I’ve lost it up at this time baking a cake.”

Fans flocked to the comment section, as they quizzed him on whether he had been struggling to sleep.

“Morning. Can’t sleep too?” a social media queried.

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James Martin leaves fans stunned as he claims: ‘Think I’ve lost it’ (Image: WENN)

James Martin took to Instagram and unveiled his culinary creations in the early hours (Image: WENN)

Another person commented: “Wow dude. Yeah you might have lost it but at least that cake is gonna be delicious!”

“Morning James I can’t sleep either. Is it for my birthday by any chance?” a fan quipped.

A fourth person added: “Strange times James, cake looks good.”

James also shared his post on Twitter, with many people admitting they too have been baking in the early hours during the nationwide lockdown.

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James Martin showcased his mouth-watering sponge cake (Image: INSTAGRAM JAMES MARTIN)

One person said: “I have been doing all sorts of things at 6am – make cakes, videos for my class and water my herb garden.”

Another person remarked: “I was up at 5am on Tuesday so baked two batches of scones for my work colleagues. They loved them.”

Elsewhere, James – who has been a TV chef for over two decades – admitted he has always avoided watching any of his own shows.

The ITV favourite revealed he worries that he would “change” if he started tuning into his shows after filming.

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James Martin has been a TV chef for the past two decades (Image: WENN)

During an interview with The Sun’s TV Mag, the small-screen star divulged: “It may sound really weird but I’ve never actually watched a single show I’ve done.

“I get the feeling if I did, I’d change.”

James went on to explain he believes he would start questioning his appearance and outfit choices if he watched himself on TV.

He continued: “I’d look at myself and think: ‘Oh s**t, I shouldn’t have worn that!’ or: “We won’t do that angle again, look at that double chin!’”

James then insisted that “life is too bl**dy short” to concern himself about how he comes across on his shows.

He added: “Honestly, life is too bl**dy short.

“I love my job and I’m very privileged to do it and try my very best.”

Saturday Morning airs tomorrow on ITV at 9.25am.

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