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James May admits 'we had to stay together' on Jeremy Clarkson's conflicted Top Gear exit


James went on to explain: “There could have been a simple boxing match between him and the bloke he fell out with, which would have been quite amusing anyway because he is built like a brick sh**thouse and would have completely flattened him and anybody else who got in the way if he was of that temperament but he’s not. He’s a gentle soul.

“So, I think it could have been sorted out more easily.”

The ex-Top Gear presenter then opened up about their responsibility to keep their fans “happy” by staying together.

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“This other conflict is you’re sort of almost if you like morally, and forget the commercial considerations as well, you’re sort of morally obliged to do what the vast majority of the viewers want and some of the viewers were very annoyed about it, but a lot of them wanted to see us stay together because that’s what entertains them and actually, for whatever reason, it’s a mystery to us, it makes people happy.”

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