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Jeremy Clarkson blasts Prince Harry's Commonwealth remarks: 'Got his knickers in a twist'

Jeremy wrote: “It’s hard to see why Harry has got his knickers in a twist about a well-meaning organisation (The Commonwealth) that hasn’t hurt so much as a fly in more than a hundred years. I fear that he perhaps got muddled and was in fact talking about the empire.”

The motor expert is not the first to have weighed in on the latest controversy surrounding a Zoom Call from Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle last week.

The royal couple spoke with young campaigners on a video chat, as they declared the world cannot move forward until it “rights those wrongs” of the past.

However, the Duke’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth, is famously very proud of the modern Commonwealth, describing it as a “worldwide family”.

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Jeremy said he has always imagined the Commonwealth “was as a sort of club that organised a fun sports day every four years for countries that needed a nice old lady to put on their banknotes”.

However, intrigued by Prince Harry and Meghan’s suggestion that there was a “terrible” side to the organisation, he decided to do some “research”.

Jeremy continued: “It was like looking into the history of Stow-on-the-Wold’s jam-making society.

“Literally nothing has happened, which is quite an achievement, since it counts as members nearly a third of the world’s population and covers 20 per cent of the planet’s land mass.”

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Jeremy described The British Empire as a ‘different kettle of fish” that under 35s like Harry assume “was bad”.

The motor expert admitted that the empire did have its “moments of shame and discomfort”, however there were also “moments of pride and joy”.

Prince Harry is now living in Los Angeles with his Meghan, who is a passionate equality campaigner.

Following the recent Black Lives Movement, Meghan noted that silence shows complicity in racial bias, as she addressed her old school’s graduating class

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