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Jeremy Clarkson details future of The Grand Tour with co-stars as he addresses health woes

Away from his work with his co-stars, he is also in the midst of creating his I Bought The Farm series and other solo projects.

Spilling more details, he revealed: “Despite my aches and pains I have made plans over the coming years to make several more Grand Tour specials, which will mean living in jungles and on icebergs for weeks on end, and sleeping every night in a tent with a six-foot sinus called James May.”

In his column with The Sun, Jeremy shared the problems he had been facing since turning 60.

The former Top Gear star said he had been warned by his doctor not to drink alcohol because he has a blocked saliva duct.

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Another queried: “New episode or season?”

Ahead of this, he admitted he had “no idea” when the new episode will be available on Amazon Prime.

In a live stream to raise money for the Felix Project, he told fans it was down to the streaming service as to when the next episode would be available to watch.

He revealed: ”If you want to know when the next Grand Tour is out, please don’t ask us, we don’t know.

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“Amazon Prime know, they have it, it’s finished, it’s done, it’s filmed, it’s edited, it’s graded, it’s ready to go.”

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