Jeremy Corbyn savagely mocked as Labour leader shares Christmas message online

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Jeremy Corbyn was savagely mocked after sharing his Christmas wishes video on social media. Social media users urged the Labour Party leader to quit his position immediately after he announced plans to step down after his abysmal performance in the general election. The loss of 60 seats in the poll of December 12 was a constant theme across the mocking commentary, with former Labour councillor and parliamentary candidate Sundip Meghan writing: “He’s making a list, and checking it twice, For signals of virtue, And agendas of vice. Authoritarian Santa isn’t coming, To town…#ResignCorbyn.”

The sentiment was echoed by a parody account for anti-Brexit philosopher AC Grayling: “You lost man! Have the good grace to resign.”

Another Twitter user simply wrote: “All I want for Christmas is for you to resign.”

One social media user appeared particularly frustrated with Mr Corbyn over his Christmas video: “Doesn’t he realise after last week, he has become an embarrassment?

“The last thing I want to see today is a Christmas message from him.”

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Government issues new Christmas guidance as UK records another 215 deaths

Jeremy Corbyn faced brutal mockery after posting his Christmas message online (Image: TWITTER/@jeremycorbyn)

Government issues new Christmas guidance as UK records another 215 deaths

Jeremy Corbyn briefly mentioned Labour’s loss in the general election (Image: TWITTER/@jeremycorbyn)

Other Twitter users mocked the Labour leader over the “gloomy” tone of the message, in which Mr Corbyn urged Britons to take action against homelessness and child hunger.

One user said: “Don’t be so miserable. Take a look at Boris’ Christmas message.

“Full of hope and thanking our armed forces for protecting us.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also shared his personal Christmas to the nation on December 24, with Mr Johnson paying tribute to Armed Forces personnel as well as NHS and Police staff for sacrificing holiday time with their families to be on duty on Christmas Day.

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Government issues new Christmas guidance as UK records another 215 deaths

One former Labour councillor urged Jeremy Corbyn to resign (Image: TWITTER)

Government issues new Christmas guidance as UK records another 215 deaths

Some users mocked Jeremy Corbyn for the “gloomy” tones of his Christmas message (Image: TWITTER)

Another social media user added: “Big gloomy mate – time to of back to the allotment.”

And Mr Corbyn also has some Twitter users taking a pop at him after the Labour leader claimed to have traditionally watched the Queen’s Speech on Christmas morning in the run-up to the election. The Queen’s annual speech is usually broadcast at 3pm.

Among the users taking a dig at the leader of the Opposition, one wrote: “Don’t forget to watch the Queen’s Speech tomorrow morning Jez.”

Mr Corbyn briefly mentioned his failure to secure a victory for Labour at the polls as he said his party “didn’t succeed to deliver the change” he pledged to bring. 

Mr Corbyn said: “I would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas. People around the world come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus and his message of love, hope and peace. That message is more important now than ever. This has been a difficult year for many of us.


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Government issues new Christmas guidance as UK records another 215 deaths

Users took repeated digs at the Labour Party leader for not standing down (Image: TWITTER)

Government issues new Christmas guidance as UK records another 215 deaths

The general election delivered Labour’s worst result since 1935 (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

“We didn’t succeed in delivering the change that so many people desperately need but Christmas is a chance to listen, reflect and remember all the things that bind us together – our compassion, our determination to tackle injustice and our hope for a better world.

“At Christmas, too often the scale of injustice and inequality is in very plain sight as people hurry home through our busy high streets, often loaded with shopping bags, seeing those who have no homes and no hope beside them.

“Adverts for mouth-watering Christmas meals when we know many children are hungry. And while we celebrate being together we are reminded of the many who will be alone and sadly lonely at Christmas.”

He continued: “But our communities are built on generosity and the solidarity that comes from that. So we do not walk by on the other side.

“This Christmas, I know so many people will be out supporting those less fortunate helping in food banks, working in shelters and trying to find children who are homeless emergency shelter. 

“And our brilliant National Health Service workers and all those who work in other public services who will keep us safe over Christmas.”

Mr Corbyn added: “Together we have the power to bring change in our communities and make a real difference to the lives of others. Together, let’s do all we can to make this a country that cares for the many and not the few.”

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