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Jeremy Kyle Show guest dead: Kristie Bishop dies of drug overdose aged 35

Kristie had been lying alone for up to 12 hours before she was discovered and a syringe was found at the scene.

She was then rushed to  Luton and Dunstable University Hospital where she died.

Samples taken from Kristie at the hospital tested positive for opiates and cocaine.

An inquest into her death was held at Ampthill Coroner’s Court on October 6.

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Coroner Dr Sean Cummings, said: “Kristie was found collapsed and had been in that position for a prolonged period.

“As a result of that, the doctor told me she had a condition called rhabdomyolysis – where the muscles die and break down.

“It floods the body with toxins… the collapse was started with drug use.

“The muscle breakdown put a great deal of strain on her other organs, her heart and particularly her kidneys.”


Kristie was in a severe state of multi-organ failure at the time, with “numerous blood clots” in her body.

She first appeared on the The Jeremy Kyle Show in 2018 and went on the programme again in February last year after completing a 12-week rehab stint.

While explaining her story on the show, Kristie admitted that she had tricked her own grandparents out of money and begged for cash in the street due to her addiction.

Kristie’s family urged her to get help on the programme and she went to rehab.

Kristie’s concerned mum Dominique opened up about the impact her addiction had on the family on the show.

“She could die unless we get her some help,” Dominique said.

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“She was such a lovely, lovely girl up until her teenage years when she started taking drugs.”

Kristie went on to stun viewers with her transformation in her second appearance on the now-cancelled show, as she insisted she had turned her life around.

The Jeremy Kyle Show star was last seen returning home from a party at around 3am on March 24.

She was then found unconscious by her housemate 12 hours later.


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