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Jeremy Kyle Show star Kristie Bishop dies after tragic drug overdose aged 35

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Kristie Bishop, who was known for her appearance on The Jeremy Kyle Show, died of a drug overdose, it has been confirmed.

The 35-year-old collapsed in her home in Luton in March, and was rushed to the nearby Luton and Dunstable University Hospital.

According to Luton Today, Kristie sadly suffered from multiple organ failure and died the following day.

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In tests carried out at the hospital, she tested positive for traces of opiates and cocaine in her system.

Kristie appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show in 2019, as her emotional family confronted her about her drug use, begging her to get help.

On October 6, at an inquest in Ampthill Coroner’s Court, Coroner Dr Sean Cummings, said: “Kristie was found collapsed and had been in that position for a prolonged period.

Kristie Bishop has died of a drug overdose aged 35, an inquest has heard

“As a result of that, the doctor told me she had a condition called rhabdomyolysis – where the muscles die and break down.

“It floods the body with toxins… the collapse was started with drug use.

“The muscle breakdown put a great deal of strain on her other organs, her heart and particularly her kidneys.”

During her first appearance on The Jeremy Kyle Show, Kristie’s mother Dominique opened up to the cameras, revealing she feared for her daughter’s life if her drug use continued.

Kristie’s transformation left viewers stunned in early 2019, after her rehabilitation period

“She could die unless we get her some help,” she said.

“She was such a lovely, lovely girl up until her teenage years when she started taking drugs.

“I’m disgusted and ashamed of the way she has been behaving.”

After her appearance on the controversial ITV show, Kristie took part in a 12-week rehabilitation programme, determined to turn her life around.

The Jeremy Kyle Show was axed in May 2019

Three months later, in February 2019, she returned to the series, leaving viewers astounded by her transformation after kicking drugs.

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At the time, she told the programme: “I’m not going to say it was easy because there has been a lot of things I’ve had to face up to.

“My behaviour was appalling. I was heavily addicted and I didn’t have a way out until I came on this show.”


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