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Jeremy Vine perfectly explains why you should NOT wear a face mask to protect yourself

Jeremy Vine perfectly explains why you should NOT wear a face mask to protect yourself 1

He told his 739,000 followers: “1. You touch your face more. You may even touch under the mask because your nose and lips itch. 2. Masks become dirty, and could well be a place where germs gather, like the handkerchief you’ve kept in your pocket every day this week.” His third reason was that masks are needed by doctors and nurses and that any mask worn by a non-medical person is a mask “stolen” from the NHS: “If 45 million members of the public decide they need masks, what does the health service do?”

Downing Street has admitted some personal protective equipment (PPE) may need to be reused, as frontline staff are still struggling to access equipment.

Frontline staff have reported difficulty accessing PPE, with some having to buy their own, or use bin bags.

The COVID-19 strain of coronavirus is so small that if you put 10,000 in a queue, it would only be 1mm long.

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Vine said: “Stopping microbes with a facemask is like trying to catch plankton with a dolphin net.”

Another argument against is that people don’t know how to wear masks.

Vine said: “Already the New York Times has felt the need to publish an article instructing people not to wear them on their chins or on their mouth only, or to chew while wearing them. This does not bode well.”

As social distancing has reduced the ability to communicate with each other, masks reduce it even more.

Vine said: “A person who speaks while wearing a mask is often difficult to hear. Thus people move closer to them, which puts them in more danger.”

Vine said although these were not his personal views, he has now done more than 25 interviews on the subjects of masks.

With coronavirus having infected millions around the world, the UK has now extended lockdown conditions for a further three weeks.

As the virus continues to spread, people wearing masks out in public has become more common.

However, only specialised masks – an N95 respirator – is effective against the virus.

But there are issues with the masks due to the difficulty putting them on and wearing them for a long period of time.

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