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Jet2 flight to Tenerife declares mid air emergency – plane diverts to Belfast

The plane took off from the Scottish capital at 9.10am as scheduled, and less than an hour into the flight a passenger required medical assistance. Pilots were forced to turn the Boeing 737 around as it flew over Northern Ireland, making an unexpected landing at Belfast International Airport. The airline confirmed the incident but has not given any details about the condition of the passenger who needed help. 

Jet2 flight LS727 issued a Squawk7700 general emergency alert before making the sudden diversion, reports suggest. 

A spokeswoman for the firm said: “Flight LS727 from Edinburgh to Tenerife has diverted to Belfast International, due to a customer requiring medical attention”.

CD aviation which tracks live aircraft emergencies wrote on Twitter: “Jet2 flight LS727 has successfully diverted to Belfast International Airport after making an emergency landing due to declaring a Squawk7700 general emergency while en route from Edinburgh to Tenerife.”

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The flight had been due to arrive in Tenerife at 2pm.

it is not yet known when the plane will leave Belfast or how many passengers have been affected by the diversion.

A flight from Edinburgh to Tenerife takes around four hours and 45 mins.

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