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Joey Essex health: ‘I froze in time’ Stars disorder which worsened after mother’s death

In a study published in Research Gate, the dyslexia experience including difference, disclosure, labelling, discrimination and stigma was analysed.

The study noted: “Interpretive Phenomenology Analysis was used to investigate dyslexia and stigma.

“Many perceived dyslexia as positive and gave them unique skills but made them feel different.

“This difference was perceived to come from having to work harder than their non‐dyslexic peers to achieve in life, as dyslexia affected many aspects of their daily life.

Evidence suggested that dyslexics experience discrimination due to their disability, whether they perceive it as a disability or not. 

“Many dyslexics have survived the last twenty, thirty or more years in the workplace and school without their difficulties being highlighted, one participant noted that they had felt successful in hiding for so long, with many feeling unhappy about disclosing their difficulties as they may fear this would firstly go on their record.” 

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