John Lennon: Did Yoko and Linda feud SPLIT up the Beatles? Incredible interview

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John Lennon: Did Yoko and Linda feud SPLIT up the Beatles? Incredible interview 1

They remain the biggest band of all time. Yet the Beatles barely lasted a decade and imploded at the end of the 1960s amid rumours of feuds between the band members and their wives. When the devastating news was revealed in 1970, many fans blamed Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono, for tearing the band apart. In a major unearthed interview from 1971, Lennon (with Yoko in the background) discusses the end of the band and the reports of fighting. But is he telling the truth?

Lennon immediately points out that he was with his first wife Cynthia when the Beatles started and it never affected the band. He said: “I was married before the Beatles left Liverpool and that never made a difference.”

The other Beatles would certainly have had some loyalty to Cynthia, who John married in 1962, and there was no denying Yoko was the reason that marriage ended. But many believed it was Yoko’s artistic career that drove a wedge between Lennon and the band as he put his second wife and her needs first.

Lennon admitted: “Cyn didn’t have a career like Yoko does.” But he pointed out the George Harrison’s wife had a very successful modelling career:” Patty (Boyd) had a career and that never upset it…”

But was there a growing division between the wives?

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Over the next two years, relationships between all four band members deteriorated but the worst division was between Lennon and McCartney.

An angry letter from Lennon replying to a previous missive from his bandmate is filled with furious attacks on Linda and her family, who he believed had too much influence over McCartney and is also behind teh latest letter: “Linda – if you don’t care what I say – shut up! – let Paul write.”

He is also enraged that Paul and Linda continue to refuse to acknowledge Yoko, ending the letter “P.S. about addressing your letter just to me – STILL….!!!”

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