Jumanji The Next Level sequel: Will there be a Jumanji 4?

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Jumanji The Next Level sequel: Will there be a Jumanji 4? 1

Jumanji: The Next Level is the latest movie from big screen behemoth Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He returns along with Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan to the incredible yet dangerous world of Jumanji. With its success predicted to lead to another movie, will there be a Jumanji 4?

**Warning – Jumanji: The Next Level spoilers

Fans of The Rock may be a bit confused by any reference to a fourth Jumanji movie, given the former wrestler had only appeared in two of the films.

However, those whose memories stretch as far back as the 1990s will remember Robin Williams incredible turn in the original Jumanji movie.

In this film, Alan Parrish just wanted to impress his father, who owned a shoe factory, but found himself sucked into a board game which left him fighting in the jungle and trying to escape the dreaded hunter.

Eventually, two siblings who moved into Parrish’s old house and found the board game four themselves, and decided to play.

Spiders, crocodiles and all kinds of creatures began to plague them, with Parrish eventually emerging as well.

The group played their hearts out until eventually they were all free.

In the rebooted Jumanji, the game has adapted to become a video game, which sucks in its players to become their avatars.

The first movie in the new franchise saw a group of teenagers wind up playing as The Rock and his cohorts, while the second film saw them, plus a couple of grandparents, and up back in the game again.

However, the end of the movie could give us clues as to where the franchise aims to go next.

The final frame saw the triumphant twenty-somethings leave a restaurant owned by the original movie’s Aunt Nora (Bebe Neuwirth) to find ostriches and other jungle creatures running down the road.

This may seem insignificant, or even a figment of their imaginations, but it could also mean the mother of all callbacks.

The final frame may mean the original movie and its reboots are coming together, and the elements of the first film which have been left behind are back.

So far in the reboots, the characters have gone to Jumanji, leaving their own lives fairly unaffected once they come back.

However, the original movie saw monkeys bothering Aunt Nora as she drove, elephants running down the street and poor security officer Carl (David Alan Grier) trying desperately to fix the carnage around him.

Could it be that, for Jumanji 4, the world of the video game will come to the real world?

And if that happens, will Seaplane, Dr Bravestone and Ruby Roundhouse meet their players?

However, there are also financial concerns which can make or break a sequel.

If Jumanji: The Next Level does well at the box office, it stands to reason that another movie will be in the works.

It would have a 2021 release date, if the other films- releases are anything to go by.

Fans will have to wait and see if a sequel definitely happens, and get to the cinema to secure their Jumanji 4.

Jumanji: The Next Level is in cinemas now 

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