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Kate Garraway in heartfelt update about husband’s coronavirus battle ‘It’s far from over’

For the weekly clap for carers appreciation, Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway, 53, stood outside her home with her two children Darcey, 14, and William, 10, to show her support for carers this evening. The presenter then took to Instagram to give fans an update about her husband Derek.

The journey for me and my family seems to be far from over

Kate Garraway

Kate’s husband has been fighting coronavirus in hospital for two months.

Tonight, she shared a video of her banging a pan as she put on a brave face for the nationwide clap.

Kate’s children were also seen clapping along with residents on their street to show their gratitude.

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In a lengthy statement, Kate said she “couldn’t be prouder” of how her two children have coped with the situation.

Kate Garraway gave fans an update about her husband’s coronavirus battle (Image: GETTY•WENN)

Kate Garraway put on a brave face with her children for the Clap for Carers appreciation (Image: INSTAGRAM•KATEGARRAWAY)

She praised the pair for “always finding ways of lifting our spirits & staying strong even when they can see me wobbling”.

Kate went on to say: “It’s so wonderful to see little green shoots of hope that this dreadful disease is easing and that hopefully soon we might all be able to see each other again and hug our nearest and dearest.

“But the journey for me and my family seems to be far from over as everyday my heart sinks as I learn new & devastating ways this virus has more battles for Derek to fight.

“But he is still HERE & so there is still hope. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who will be affected by this, not just for the next few weeks but for the foreseeable future.

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Kate Garraway’s husband Derek remains in hospital with coronavirus (Image: WENN)

Kate Garraway with husband Derek and their two children Darcey and William (Image: GETTY)

“That will be the case for many who have suffered from the disease, but also the front line workers who have been helping to treat the worst affected.”

Kate went on to say urge those affected to “stick together far beyond the end of lockdown”.

The Smooth Radio presenter concluded her post thanking her fans for their ongoing support.

Earlier today, her colleague Piers Morgan spoke with Jo Tillbrook on Good Morning Britain, who has recovered from the virus after spending 42 days in hospital.

The Covid-19 survivor spoke alongside her husband Clive, who detailed how difficult it was to see his wife battle the virus.

Following this, he said: “One of our colleagues, Kate Garraway, her husband’s been critically ill now for a long period of time.

“These stories, I have to say, give Kate huge hope when she hears them and sees them because she’s been in this position that Clive was in.”

“You can’t see your loved one, you have to just muddle through I guess.”

Kate has been on a break from Good Morning Britain during her husband’s health battle.

Last week, she told fans Derek was still in a coma.

She added that she had her spouse on FaceTime throughout the clap, in the hope he could hear what was going on.

The presenter wrote: “I couldn’t film on my phone as had Derek on FaceTime throughout!

“Of course we can’t KNOW but I believe he can hear us & thought at least the incredible @nhs team’s looking after him would hear a fraction of our gratitude.”


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