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Kate Garraway opens up on fears for children Darcey and Billy's future 'I've got concerns'

Kate Garraway presented Good Morning Britain alongside Ben Shepherd this morning and the two of them spoke to former politician Alistair Campbell and television presenter Anna Williamson about – what has been called – the ‘second pandemic’ which refers to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown will have on mental health. In a candid moment, Kate revealed her own fears for her children Darcey and Billy. 

As GMB viewers know, back in March, Kate’s husband Derek was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with coronavirus. 

Unfortunately, it has affected him greatly and doctors decided a medically induced coma would be the best way for his body to recovery – but a few months on and Derek is yet to regain consciousness. 

During a discussion on the show about the impacts, the pandemic will have on people’s mental wellbeing, Kate wanted to know how children are set to be affected. 

Kate began: “So the advice we can take for ourselves, both of you, in particular, spoke about parents.

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“What about the youngsters in all of this?

“I have a particular concern for Darcey and Billy not just for them but suddenly their world is very unsafe.

“But actually all youngsters’ worlds suddenly feel very unsafe,” she added. 

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“What can we do to navigate our children through that?

“Anna from you briefly, because we could talk about this all day,” Kate added.

“Mostly with his own social interactions and how he hasn’t been able to hug his grandparents for however many months, so children can understand.”

Anna continued: “So, how we can best support themes is by listening to what their concerns and their fears are and troubleshooting them straight away.

“That would be the first thing I would do and children can talk to childline or Mind charity, which Alastair and I are very passionate about. 

“The key thing is for children and for adults the key thing is that this pandemic has affected everyone. Do not sit there and suffer in silence,” she emphasised.

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