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Kate Garraway slaps down claims she’s being ‘irresponsible’ with croaky throat

Good Morning Britain was back on television screens and for the final instalment of the week, Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard were presenting live from the ITV studio. However, those watching at home took to social media to ask Kate about her health after her voice appeared to be croaky when delivering the latest news headlines. And she reassured viewers she was on top form and able to present. 

Coronavirus is sweeping the nation and Monday to Thursday host Susanna Reid is currently self-isolating at home with her children as one of them is suffering with a dry, recurring cough as advised by the NHS. 

Today, Kate appeared alongside Ben, but viewers were concerned about her health because when she spoke it sounded extremely croaky. 

One said: “@GMB morning I like the croaky sounding Kate.” 

@gmb and kate has a croaky voice so could be a virus,” another remarked.

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A third added: “@benshephard, @kategarraway and 2 others Poor Kate seems to be getting more croaky as the programme goes on. Get her a lemsip someone!” 

Addressing these concerns, Kate said: “A couple of people have been in touch to say I sound croaky this morning. 

“I’m not being irresponsible, I’ve just spent the last 48 hours pretty much continually talking!” 

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“That’s no different to usual though is it?” her co-star Ben remarked lifting the mood. 

As for the latest information around coronavirus, yesterday at 9am, 64,621 people had been tested in the UK. 

61,352 were confirmed negative and 3,269 were confirmed positive.

As of 1pm yesterday, 144 patients in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus have sadly died.

Globally, the death toll exceeds 10,000 GMB claimed. 

A “croaky voice” is not a confirmed symptom of coronavirus. 

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