Home Celebrity Kate Garraway talks ‘desperate situation' in husband health update 'Utterly infuriating'

Kate Garraway talks ‘desperate situation' in husband health update 'Utterly infuriating'

Addressing his further health complications, she added: “There was a feeling of terror and then suddenly it escalated and they were saying it’s all about the lungs… and then suddenly it became everything, kidney fail, liver fail, heart, everything.. each stage it’s been a new terror and just when I thought we were moving forward then suddenly we know it can affect your body everywhere, nerves, everything.”

Kate has now been urged to get on with her life and will return to Good Morning Britain as a host next week. 

She explained: “The doctors are saying to me now, ‘You’ve got to get on, you’ve got to get on with life’. For Darcey and Billy effectively right now, they’ve lost their dad, they haven’t, he’s there.. he’s not a presence as he should be in their lives.

“You say I’ve been strong, I have had moments when you get absolutely gripped with fear. Everything was going so well, notes from him saying ‘this is our year’… But it’s happened to the world hasn’t it?

“And not just from Covid. I know people, you know people who have been diagnosed with terrible illness, who’ve had terrible accident.”

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