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Kate Garraway’s heartache as husband Derek cannot be visited in hospital by his parents


Derek is currently in a London hospital near his and wife Kate Garraway’s family home.

A source revealed: “Kate was prepared for this to happen but it’s still a blow. 

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“Derek’s parents have been unable to see him for a long long time and now any chance they will be able to before Christmas has all but vanished.

“Even if he was able to come out of hospital they live in Lancashire which has been placed until Tier 3 lockdown.

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“They are not allowed to travel out of the nearby area so visiting Kate and Derek’s family home in London would be out of the question – especially as they themselves are in a risk category,” the insider added to The Daily Star.

A representative for Kate has been contacted by Express.co.uk.

It comes as Kate was given an emotional message of support on Good Morning Britain last week by Gordon Brown, as Derek remained under doctors supervision.

The former Prime Minister joined Kate and her co-host Ranvir Singh on the programme to discuss the impact coronavirus and lockdown measures could have on jobs for young people in the future.

Last month Gordon had also sent his well wishes while speaking with Kate’s colleague Ben Shepherd.

Kate courteously thanked the politician and also updated viewers on her husband’s condition, as she shared that it had been a difficult week for the family.

She told co-host Ben Shephard: “Tough week with Derek. It has been a tough week.”

Later in the show, Lorraine Kelly appeared on-screen, and said: “I’m sorry to hear it’s been a tough week, Kate, but we love having you on the telly!”

Ben brought some light comedy to the situation, as he joked: “Do we, do we?”

With a smile brought to her face, Kate replied: “Ben is not so sure Lorraine, perhaps it’s because you’re far away from me in different studios.”

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Derek was hospitalised back in March following serious complications from COVID-19.

Kate has previously said that she did not want to talk about Derek “every day”, as it could upset viewers.


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