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Kate Middleton: Duchess' helpful packing tips to stay organised while travelling

With so many events to attend, the Royals tend to travel with a bulk load of luggage filled to the brim with outfits for every occasion.

In order to ensure nothing goes amiss, each bag is labelled specifically.

These labels are on hand not only to show which bag belongs to which member of the Royal Family but also to direct each bag to the correct destination.

Colour-coded tags are used, with specific colours signalling whether the bag belongs in the cabin or in the hold, as well as where its final destination is.

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Prince William and his father Prince Charles both use red luggage tags.

Meanwhile, the younger royals are also included in the special tagging system.

Prince George’s luggage tends to be marked with blue tags.

However, baggage tags aren’t the only way each Royal Family member’s bags can be identified.

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They also often fly with specially monogrammed luggage designed uniquely for each family member.

Speaking to the Daily Mail in 2016, Sarah Bryans, a travel expert at The Luxury Travel Bible, explained why these emblems are so common amongst the Royals.

“Monogrammed luggage is traditional among the upper classes,” she explained.

“The real elite traveller prefers small and discreet lettering, rather than big bold colours.”

Kate Middleton’s staff have been photographed in the past carrying bags with a ‘C’ embroidered on them in blue stitching.

Similarly, Prince William’s clothes covers and bags are often decorated with a ‘W’ stitched on them in red.

Unlike other travellers, the Royals also don’t have to worry about the weight of their luggage.

Regardless of how heavy their bag is, they won’t be the ones to carry it.

Instead, they tend to travel with an entourage of staff who ensure every item gets from A to B in one piece.

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Source:Daily Express :: Travel Feed

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