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Katy Perry Hilariously Jokes That Pregnancy Is Actually ’10+ Months’ As She Waits To Give Birth

Katy Perry is more than ready to welcome her daughter! The pregnant star hilarously quipped that TV shows & movies need to drop saying pregnancy is ‘9 months.’

Fans are eagerly waiting for Katy Perry, 35, to give birth — and no one is more impatient than the Teenage Dream singer herself. “petition: to have all movies/tv shows etc update the fact that it’s 10+ months instead of 9 months pregnant,” she hilariously tweeted on Saturday, Aug. 22, adding an eye-roll emoji. The technical reason pregnancy is said to be “9 months” is because all months are not the same amount of days — for example, February only has 28 days — and most women give birth somewhere between the nine and ten mark.

Pregnant Katy is all ready to welcome her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom, 43, and recently even showed off her gorgeous baby nursery! The Santa Barbara native offered her KatyCats — a nickname for her fans — a video tour via her weekly Smile Sunday show on Aug. 16. Confessing she “hadn’t showed anyone yet,” Katy was SO excited as she offered her fans the the first look. The pink-walled room perfectly reflected Katy’s whimsical style, with eccentric details that she “loves,” like hexagon shaped mirror-lights affixed to the wall.

She also showed off several outfits displayed on the wall, and pulled out a few of the items she’s already purchased for her baby including an Eggo Waffle dress (one of her pregnancy cravings), a hilarious sleeper featuring Orlando’s face, and a onesie with a cherry motif (inspired by her first hit single, “I Kissed A Girl”). Of course, the room also featured a white crib, fully stocked diaper changing area and a cozy gray chair for Katy to cuddle her daughter.

The star does, however, appear to be on the exhausted side in some of her more recent Instagram posts. The Smile star — clad in cozy gray leggings, a sweatshirt and slides — sat down for a rest while shopping for baby supplies on Aug. 6. “Poopedstar,” Katy joked in her caption, appearing to fall asleep right in the middle of the sales floor. Orlando sweetly replied, “I love you,” and later filmed his leading lady getting her groove on. “Ayyyy what day is it?” he captioned a video that showed Katy sleeping. The star then hopped out of the vehicle to do the viral “Friday” dance, lifting up her sweatshirt to reveal her very pregnant tummy.

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