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Kaye Adams feud: Is Loose Women star really friends with panelist Carol McGiffin?

Kaye Adams and Carol McGiffin have both been on the panel of ITV’s Loose Women for more than 15 years, with Kaye joining in 1999 and Carol in 2003. However, with reports suggesting their rows have continued backstage is it possible that Kaye Adams and Carol McGiffin have really let bygones be bygones?

Towards the end of 2019 tensions were reportedly building between Kaye and Carol, and was featured more during the Loose Women debates.

In September, Kaye and Carol got into a heated discussion on whether Boris Johnson should apologise for remarks made towards Joe Cox, saying that Brexit was the best way to honour her.

The discussion started to heat up as Nadia Sawalha called for both sides of parliament to come together which caused the panellists to start to talk over one another.

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In an attempt to move the conversation along Kaye was then shut down my Carol who said: “You’re just too annoying.

Kaye Adams feud: Kaye Adams fell out with her Loose Women co-stars (Image: GETTY)

“You’ve always got to get the last word in so no one else can challenge or argue with you.”

The feud continued in October during a discussion on whether people should give up their seats on trains.

Kaye used the topic as an opportunity to get back at Carol and asked: “Should we give elderly people like Carol a seat.”

Carol hit back saying: “Oh, it’s already started”.

However, just in time for Christmas, Kaye and Carol chose to put their differences aside to end the feud.

The pair reassured viewers of their friendship with a hug as Carol declared: “We do love each other really, don’t we?”

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Reports suggest its not just Kaye Carol have had disagreements with on the show.

After posting a video that showed Nadia Sawalha waxing her 11-year-old daughters upper lip, Carol argued she was to have her image altered.

Nadia then interrupted the discussion and said: “Oops, the producers are in our ear shouting, ‘no more, no more’. I think it’s getting a bit too heated.”

However, despite the reported feuds, Loose Women wouldn’t be Loose Women without a few heated debates here and there.

Faye will be appearing on Celebrity Antiques Road Trip alongside colleague Nadia.

Antiques Road Trip will air on BBC Two today (Friday, March 6) at 7.30pm.


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