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Keir Starmer’s campaign in TATTERS as voters turn over shock Alastair Campbell confession

The current favourite to replace Jeremy Corbyn in the top position in Labour claimed he would call for Mr Campbell to be let back into the party after he was ousted last year. Mr Campbell was binned from the party after he said he was planning to vote Lib Dem in last year’s European elections. According to Politics Home, Labour rules state that anyone “who joins and/ or supports a political organisation other than an official Labour group or other unit of the Party” will “automatically be ineligible to be or remain a Party member”.

However, Sir Keir told HuffPostUK he would want “anybody who wants to be in our party to be in the party”.

He added: “Alastair is a constituent of mine. And he was a long standing Labour member, a huge contribution to the party.

“I think we need to get past this whole question of chucking people out and expulsions, etcetera.

“The cases we should concentrate on are cases, for example, of anti-Semitism or other racist behaviour within the party.

“And I use Alastair’s case an example to say, if you can be chucked out of the party, almost straight away, for supporting another party at a [euro] election, surely you can be chucked out of our party in an absolutely clear case of anti-Semitism, and the mismatch was huge there.”

But the Shadow Brexit Secretary’s comments infuriated members who said it was a clear move back towards the days of Tony Blair.

Mr Campbell helped get Mr Blair into No 10, but was heavily criticised for some of the decisions he made.

On Twitter, the backlash was brutal.

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