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Kim Jong-un death mystery could be solved by vital clues from his personal train

Kim Jong-un death mystery could be solved by vital clues from his personal train 1

Kim owns a khaki coloured train that is reportedly so heavily armoured that it requires two engines to pull it at 37mph through the unstable North Korean railway tracks. Last week the locomotive was spotted outside a private station that connects to the leader’s palace near Wonsan, leading to questions about where Kim, if alive, could be. 

Now the location of the extravagant mode of transport has become crucial evidence for US spy satellites that are seeking to find the truth about Kim’s health.

Over the weekend rumours went into overdrive that Kim had died after having reported heart surgery earlier in the month.

On April 15 the leader failed to attend the celebrations that marked the birthday of his grandfather Kim II-sung.

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His most recent appearance was on April 11 and he has not been seen since.

Until there is official confirmation that the leader is alive, his train’s movements will continue to be tracked by intelligence in Washington and Seoul.

The train is described as being decadent, with 20 carriages on board, a lounge that has coral pink leather sofas and a conference room.

The food onboard is served to perfection, with fresh lobster and vintage wines offered to passengers, Mail Online has reported.

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Since then it has ruled over famines that has seen millions of lives lost, and has overseen a network of prison camps where impoverished inmates have been claimed to eat rats and insects.

A very different lifestyle to the one seen to be enjoyed by Kim who enjoys expensive champagne and imported cheeses.

Not only does Kim use his train, but he also uses planes when needed for overseas travel.

He owns jets including a Russian built Ilyushin 62 airliner, and he been pictured in the captain seat of the aircraft.

When the leader does use the train, he employs security measures that were implemented by dictator Hitler during his reign of Nazi Germany.

This means he clears the railways of all traffic and information on his destination is restricted to only his closest aides.

When travelling long distance he ensures there are two-guard trains with bodyguards in front and behind the locomotive.

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Occasionally Kim will get off the train to have a cigarette break, this has been claimed to have happened when he went to meet with President Trump in Hanoi.


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