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Kodi reveals it has some 'nasty' issues but this new update will fix them

If you use Kodi then it might be wise to make sure you are using the very latest version of this hugely popular software. The team behind the online player have just announced the release of “Leia” 18.6 which fixes numerous issues including some that are deemed to be ‘nasty’.

Announcing the news on its blog, Kodi said: “18.6 is here. More nasty (and not-so-nasty) problems fixed, more bugs squashed, more happiness and love for all. This release is all about backports: where practical, we’ve brought bug fixes forwards from the forthcoming 19.x release, so you get the benefit sooner rather than later.”

There’s a total of 32 mends in this release and although many of these changes won’t be visible to most people, Kodi has confirmed that they all real bugs, and real fixes.

You can see a full list here but they include fixes to the pause/resume function, episode names, incorrectly formatted region times and a mend for the floating/split keyboard on Apple’s iOS.

This big update comes just weeks after Kodi released a post which is aimed at distancing itself further from the illegal activity that still dogs this online player.

Kodi is totally legal but many users install add-ons which then allow it to be used to view premium content without permission.

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In a rare outburst, the team behind the service have made their feelings very clear about how Kodi is being used with the TV player saying: “We do not support media piracy, we support the best media player possible for everyone and provide a media centre, not “free TV and movies.”

Kodi is now being much more vocal about so-called “Kodi boxes” which many people buy in the belief that they are endorsed by the company.

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“One important point of note is that whilst Team Kodi produces media centre software, one thing that we do not provide is actual media,” Kodi added.

“We don’t make films, television channels or programmes, nor do we directly provide them as part of the software package that we distribute.

“Similarly, we do not produce hardware – there is no “Kodi Box” that’s supplied by us.

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