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Labour crisis: Key plea Corbyn ignored from his OWN forum that could have saved party

Labour crisis: Key plea Corbyn ignored from his OWN forum that could have saved party 1

His party was obliterated in the general election last year, and before that saw hundreds of councillors lose their seats in the 2019 local and European elections. But according to one expert, members of his own commission had forewarned Mr Corbyn of the issues Labour may face after the party’s Labour’s National Policy Forum voted overwhelmingly in favour of a key move that could have saved him from ruin. Mr Corbyn saw Labour support rapidly decline in the last 12 months of his tenure.

His party’s bitter divisions over how exactly to handle Brexit saw many loyal voters in the north of England turn their backs on Labour and vote for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives.

Such was Mr Johnson’s powerful message of “get Brexit done,” Mr Corbyn was unable to really get a hold of the EU exit debate.

After months of dithering, Mr Corbyn finally announced Labour would adopt a position on Brexit that would see the UK take part in another referendum – with the option of voting to remain in the EU or accept a Brexit deal secured by his Government.

But writing for ITV, Robert Peston explained that had the party chosen this stance earlier, many of the casualties from Labour’s last two poll defeats may still be in the job.

Ahead of the May local elections last year, Mr Peston said Labour’s National Policy Forum, which is made up of  MPs, trade unionists, MEPs, and constituency representatives, voted, as part of its European election pledge, to hold a confirmatory referendum on any Brexit deal.

He added: “My sources say there were no dissenting voices. All Labour MEPs voted in precisely the same unanimous way, for a referendum.

“Labour’s Trade Union Liaison Organisation is likely to inform the party’s ruling NEC that its big union supporters – including Unison, the GMB and USDAW, but obviously not Unite – also want a referendum.

“So it is increasingly hard to see how Labour’s ruling NEC can at its emergency meeting ignore such widespread membership pressure and do anything but adopt a confirmatory referendum as the foundation of its manifesto.

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