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Labour deputy hopeful's brutal grilling by Marr ‘If they wanted that they would’ve voted!'

Andrew Marr confronted the Labour MP on her party’s stonking defeat in the December election and the stunning denial of the party to admit its policies were flawed. The BBC host said: “There is an awful lot of people in the Labour Party who say it was really the combination, there were too many policies. Other people say we didn’t sell them very much.

“Other people say it was the media getting in the way.

“Are you bold enough to say to the Labour Party: ’Do you know what? I’ve looked at this and we had to change our policy position’?

“You’ve got an 80-seat Tory majority. It was a catastrophic election of the Labour Party and yet there doesn’t seem to be an overwhelming sense of that.

“Everybody is wondering around with smiles in their faces as if it’s business as usual.”

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Andrew Marr grills Labour deputy leadership hopeful Rosena Allin-Khan (Image: BBC)

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Andrew Marr confronts Rosena Allin-Khan on Labour’s election defeat (Image: BBC)

Ms Allin-Khan admitted Labour’s defeat was “catastrophic” but failed to recognise her party’s policies were wrong.

She said: “We lost 98 percent of the vote share across the country. We suffered a catastrophic defeat, we have lost the last four elections.

“But fundamentally, I believe that our manifesto had some good policies in it.

“People wanted to renationalise the railway, people wanted to protect our NHS.”

So Mr Marr blasted: “If they wanted it that much they would have voted Labour!”

In an attempt to defend her position, the Labour deputy leadership hopeful replied: “I really believe that people didn’t trust us to deliver, they didn’t trust us to govern, and we had issues that were quite frankly not dealt with properly.

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“One of those being anti-Semitism which is why as deputy leader I’ve come up with my own five pledges of how we would deal with something like anti-Semitism.

“No longer can we knock on a door and have someone slam it in our face because they believe we are a racist party.”

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Labour leadership: Rosena Allin-Khan tells Andrew Marr Labour’s policies were right (Image: BBC)

Speaking on Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday, her rival in the race, Dawn Butler, said that she is the party’s “unity” candidate.

She said: “I am the most experienced candidate, I’ve served under two Labour prime ministers and in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet and I am the unity candidate.”

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Asked why she has not signed up to the Board of Deputies recommendations, the shadow women and equalities secretary said: “So we have to deal with it and make sure it’s right and that’s why the EHRC report that the Board of Deputies has said that we must commit to implementing is vital.”

She added: “We get that, we implement that, we sit down with the Board of Deputies, we have a discussion with them, we sit down with JLM and we have a discussion with them and we get this right.”

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